How do I start a Mindset App partner account?

It‘s easy. Here’s how:

STEP 1: Create or Claim* your partner account (if you already have an account, go to step 2)

* You may notice you already have an auto-initiated account on Mindset App. This is because all content on the App requires proper speaker and creator credits. As a result, if your name was credited as a content contributor, your account was auto-initiated. This is good news! It means your account has had a head-start! It also means it’s time to claim your account, which is the first step to start earning through the App.

Of course, to claim, we’ll ask you to confirm you’re the rightful owner of that account (easily done by sending a direct message through your official Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, or by attaching an image with ID that proves your identity or brand ownership).

STEP 2: Verify your partner account to be eligible to start earning (then, watch for the blue checkmark on your profile)

Once you have been verified, you’ll notice a blue checkmark beside your account profile image. This checkmark shows users you’re a Verified Mindset Partner. Once you’re approved, expect to receive an email from our team. In the approval email we will send you, contact information for your Mindset App partner manager will be included. This is the person you can contact with future questions.