How do the verified partner funds get split? 

This is the most exciting part of the partner program. When you verify your account, you are not only signing up to get paid based on listen time, you’re also joining a community of creators and speakers who are working together.

A lot of talent goes into creating these tracks. For example, you have the Speaker (the person speaking in the track), the Creator (the person who remixed the speech for greater impact), and sometimes you even have a separate Rights Holder (a different person or entity that owns the rights to the audio). These three groups – the speaker, the creator, and the rights holder – may all have a claim to earn when the audio track gets played. That’s exactly why our PartnerShare system was built to pay each group, based on their contribution to the final track. Think of the split based on how much you contributed within an audio track, and how much play time that track receives.

For more information on exactly how funds get split, see your Verified Partner Account Terms, received once the program is in place and after applying for a Verified Partner account.