What happens if your channel receives a copyright notice?

If your account receives a copyright notice, we’ll do our best to help you work through it. Here’s what it means and what you can do:

What it means: A track you’ve uploaded has been flagged by someone who claims to be a rights owner of that audio. They have let us know you don’t have permission to use their content. So, to remove the notice, below are some suggested next steps.

Please keep in mind, while the notice is connected to this track, earnings for plays of that particular track will be held and frozen until the copyright notice is resolved. It is important to note, if you fail to respond to a copyright notice you have received, the track will be automatically hidden from your account after 30 days and the notice will stay on your account. 

With that being said, another revolutionary part of Mindset is that Creator accounts are not at risk of being completely banned or terminated for copyright. However, they may be limited and all releases manually reviewed if rules are broken multiple times.

What you can do:

Option 1. Email us proof that you own, have a license, or the permission to post that content or audio (including the background music and all speeches used). Simply email team@mindsetapp.com with attached screenshots that show the back end of your brand account on another major platform (please do not show sensitive or confidential business details).

Option 2. This is our recommended next step. Request that the party responsible for this notice verifies their Mindset App channel. By doing so, you and the other party agree to split revenue whenever that track gets played. To make that request, click here.

Option 3. Remove the audio from your account. To remove a track, click here.